Simple content feed. Always advertisement free.

Chyll features a very simple content feed. With a 140 character limit, posts are easy to read, take up little space in your feed, and keep rants to a minimum! Your feed will always be advertisement free because ads just suck.

Tell everyone what you're up to with 140 characters.

The Chyll status builder gives you many options to create the perfect post. Add pictures to your post to attract visual interest, use the slider to set your Chyll status, and now you can even add GIFs to your post from within the app.

Bring your posts to life with GIFs.

Chyll includes a built-in GIF collection. Browse using the preset tags, or search for keywords with the search bar.

Explore ChyllSpots in realtime.

Tap on the map navicon to instantly load the ChyllSpot map. This is where all the user-added ChyllSpots are displayed. Have a spot you and your friends love to hang out? Want to share it with others? Go ahead! Any user can add a ChyllSpot to the map for others to enjoy.